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Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

As the best and most important piece of content I have ever written, I must mention my book, Mini Habits. It and the Mini Habit Mastery Video Course are industry leaders. A quick look at the reviews (which I promise are 100% genuine) shows the impact this book has on the lives of people who read it!

Greatest Hits


Sorry, I had to say that upfront in all caps because I don’t want you to think that these are the absolute best Deep Existence posts. Some of them may be worthy of that title, sure, but I like to think every post I write is better than the last. The fact is that these are the best posts of yesteryear.

This page is nice because each post has a summary to give you an idea if you’ll want to read it or not (spoiler: you’ll want to read all of them). Every post I write is meant to be timeless, so don’t you dare judge these just for being veterans.

MICs: Most Important Categories

These categories are the lifeblood of Deep Existence. They contain what I consider to be the most valuable concepts I share with this planet (other planets get their own set of concepts). Clicking on the links below will show you all the posts of that category, starting with the newest on top.

  • Ultimate Guides: Why read a guide when you can read an ULTIMATE guide? Be careful though—these can be as long as 4,000 words in length. They’re kind of like mini books on certain topics. If you desire deep, substantive exploration of life-altering topics, dive in! In my opinion, these are the best posts on Deep Existence.
  • Focusing: After years of personal growth study and experimentation, I found that focusing was the glue that made everything work. Without focus, we are useless. And in today, the age of distraction, it’s more important than ever to know how to focus.
  • Mini Habits: The namesake of my best-selling book is also a key point of discussion on Deep Existence. Mini Habits are the single most effective strategy I have ever known or used. I transformed my life in less than a year using this strategy.

Stress Management Redefined E-book

stress copy 3 One day, I was stressed out of my mind. Can you relate? 

There I was in my car, freaking out, and I vividly remember getting really curious about stress at that moment: what role does it play in life, what are the consequences of it (they’re severe), and how do we manage it? After researching it, I wrote this book. People really like SMR because I don’t withhold my goofy sense of humor (oh, you’ll see), and the method presented is logical and effective. 

Martyn Chamberlin said this about the book: 

“Dude I’m a third of the way through the eBook and it ROCKS. It’s probably the best eBook I’ve ever read. (Okay, it’s probably the first non-Internet marketing eBook I’ve read, so that might explain some things!)

But you worked hard to not make it boring. You succeeded.

No seriously, this thing’s been a breath of fresh air. I’m enjoying it immensely, and I’m actually LEARNING some stuff too. You could have charged for it.”

I didn’t even pay him to say that! If you’d like to read the first chapter, go ahead and do it here. Otherwise, you can join Deep Existence and read the whole thing for free. Whaaat? FREE? Yes. Consider it a bribe to get you to try Deep Existence’s famous chili Tuesday Messages. There are other bribes for signing up. I could have used a better word than bribe. And just so you know, I will NEVER spam you or reveal your email to anyone. 

Ask Stephen

Occasionally, I’ll get an email with a great question and my response will be very detailed. In those cases, I like to make the response public in case anyone else has a similar question. It’s like a super-targeted blog post. Often, the insights from this type of conversation can be more profound than a “mass appeal” blog post.


If you enjoy polls (and seeing what other people say), this page is like Candyland. There are nine important poll questions here and the responses will get you thinking. It’s on categories like what makes people happy, why people can’t focus, etc. Really interesting!

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