Why Chasing Happiness Is Futile

The next meal I eat will be one of the best meals I’ve ever had. 

My grandfather had colon cancer. My father had colon cancer. Thankfully, they both recovered with surgery to remove it, but if the trend continues, I’m next. So, at the “young” age of 36 (I used quote marks because this is the oldest I’ve ever been), I’m getting a colonoscopy.

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A Safe Way to Fight Inflation

Inflation is crazy right now, but there are ways to fight it.

This is not an advertisement for anything. I just want to give you valuable information. I have purchased Series I Savings Bonds recently, and here’s why…

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How a 16-Year-Old Boy Saved Millions of Lives

In 1889, Victor Heiser was in his family’s barn, because that’s where 16-year-old boys hung out back then. Victor was probably in the middle of milking a goat when he looked across the way and saw his father in the second story window of their house screaming for him to climb up to the barn’s roof. Victor did.

The Johnstown Horror, or Valley of Death, a bestselling book published in 1889.

When Victor reached the roof of the barn, he saw a mass of water and debris as tall as his family’s house hurtling towards him. Little Conemaugh River’s south fork dam had just burst moments before after days of torrential rain, releasing 20 million tons of water upon the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Victor, on his barn’s roof, watched as the flood crushed his parents home. It swept him away, too. Victor, purportedly on top of some debris, rode the violent wave until he miraculously jumped onto the roof of a brick house. There, he stayed overnight with 19 other survivors in the home’s attic. Tragically, the flood killed 2,209 people, including Victor’s entire family.

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Stop Waiting for Motivation

There are two types of people in the world. One type believes that motivation is an essential or even required part of taking action. The other type believes that action is best treated as a choice, with little regard paid to their motivational whims.

Every person is already motivated at all times, it’s just not always motivation to do the right things. When people talk about “getting motivated,” what they really mean is “change my motivation to something more productive.” And this is a key distinction because it prompts an important question—can motivation be transferred like this? If so, how effectively or reliably can it be done?

Here’s the fundamental problem with “getting motivated”: How do you change something that you don’t want to change?

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