How to Make Your 2020 Changes Last All 12 Months

Here’s my year in review.

I had a very good 2019 overall. I purposefully slumped to start the year, and then emerged from that slump powerfully with elastic habits. I’ve created the most powerful foundation I’ve ever had for reading, writing, and exercise. There’s no resistance for me to do any of those now!

I see 2020 as a chance to capitalize on that foundation. I have already been ramping up my exercise intensity and frequency, and will continue to pursue that in the coming year.

There are a lot of things I did right, but I have no intention to pretend I’m perfect just because I write about self-improvement. If I had nothing to improve, then I wouldn’t be human. So I’m going to share two areas I think need improvement this next year.

My Biggest Mistakes in 2019

I gambled too much. Too much time, too much money. Part of that was for the slump, but not all of it. I know that, I see that, and I’m going to improve it in 2020.

I was too passive in dating. I was active in dating for about two months of the year and had a girlfriend from that (it didn’t work out, but we both learned a lot). The rest of the year, I did nothing. It’s important to me to find long-term companionship at some point, but I didn’t prioritize it this past year. I was focused on my work, but I still had time for dating. Bottom line: I didn’t try very hard and it showed.

Before I move on with my suggestions for 2020, there’s a very important first step for us all going into the new year.

We must let go of 2019, regardless of whether it was a good or bad year. That means no shame, no guilt, and no holding tightly to anything that happened. I shared my shortcomings, but I’m moving forward instead of wallowing in them. The past is an anchor. The present moment is an opportunity.

One More, One Less

Always remember that just one change can dramatically improve your life, and it’s closer and easier than you think to achieve!

Here’s one idea to get you started…

Looking back over the past year, what’s one thing you would like to do more of this next year? And what’s one thing you’d like to do less of?

For 2020, I want to exercise more and gamble less. If I can do that, I’ll have a solid foundation for a great year. Exercise enhances my life in every way. Gambling wastes my time and money (for entertainment). 

By selecting one more and one less, I can even connect the two goals. For example, every time I’m tempted to gamble, I can exercise instead. I like this idea because it brings out two of the most critical life factors and gives me two different ways to improve without overwhelming me. 

I have other ideas for the new year: dating more, my next project, and traveling to Greece come to mind. But focused effort on critical areas is always worth the opportunity cost. I don’t have to abandon any goals just because I’m focusing on these two. In fact, these goals will help with most of my other goals.

Gambling less means more time and money for dating and travel. Exercising more means better health and productivity for work and travel. 

The only question remaining, is how? Today, I closed my account at the online gambling site I was using. Like most bad habits, accessibility is a huge factor, and now I’ve eliminated the ability to gamble at home (without setting up a new account, which I have no plans of doing). I’m also reading a book about quitting gambling by Allen Carr, who wrote “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” (It’s interesting.) That’s two big steps in the direction of gambling less.

As for exercise, you might know already, but the answer is Elastic Habits. While I clearly have my vices, I feel like I have mastered the process of adding and strengthening good habits. Everything I’ve learned has culminated in the strategy of Elastic Habits. It’s the best!

Elastic Habits: A Powerful Strategy for 2020 and Beyond

I’m sure every self-help author believes their particular book is the best one to help people succeed in the new year. But here’s why Elastic Habits actually is the best. Here’s the difference.

Elastic habits can expand daily.

In the beginning of the new year, people tend to do better with their goals. They overachieve. If you have an elastic habit, it can expand and give you full credit for your amazing 2020 start! 

You won’t outpace or outgrow your elastic habit, so on any day, you can shoot for the moon!

Elastic habits can shrink daily.

After the first month or two, people tend to slow down with their new year goals. In fact, studies show that most people quit after the first month. But if your habit or goal is elastic, you can shrink it instead of quitting altogether. Elastic habits are safe from the all-or-nothing death sentence of other goals.

The most critical part of habit pursuit is when your motivation and willpower are low. If your habits can survive those times, they will survive all times and eventually thrive.

Elastic habits can shift.

As you pursue a new behavior, you learn things. You might even learn enough to want to shift your strategy. For example, people are often taken aback when starting a new fitness regimen because their bodies struggle to adjust to the new level of exercise intensity. With an elastic habit, you can seamlessly shift your program, and say, add in more stretching and low-intensity exercise days to help your body recover.

Bottom line: Elastic habits are completely flexible!

This is the only flexible habit system out there. It will be imitated in time, but not duplicated. This is partly due to copyright law, and partly due to the custom products I’ve made for it.

Once you begin an elastic habit, you’ll wonder why you ever had rigid habits before. It’s pure freedom. It makes success easier and more exciting. There are no limits on your potential. Yet, there is no pressure to do the impossible either. You simply do your best every day. This is the only system that tells you that your best is always good enough, and it rewards you precisely for what you do. The result? Significant forward momentum. Massive winning streaks. Exponentially increasing confidence. Powerful new habits.

An elastic habit fits your life no matter what happens. That means, however 2020 starts and finishes, your elastic habits will stay relevant and suitable the whole time. No other goal or habit system can do that, because they don’t flex to your life, they expect you to fit their arbitrary standards. I can’t adequately put the difference into words, but just think about why you’ve ever quit a habit or goal in the past—one day, your goal didn’t match your mindset or situation. That won’t happen here.

At, I sell elastic habit posters and trackers, and shipping is free through January 5th on orders over $20. To know how and why to use these, be sure to read Elastic Habits if you haven’t already. You can change your life for the price of a sandwich.

Those are my thoughts as we close out another decade. I sincerely wish you a great 2020! Happy New Year!


Stephen Guise

PS. For a great 2020, use Elastic Habits, the best habit strategy. If you can form habits in key areas, they’ll still be around this time next year!

Elastic Habits: All Formats, All Platforms

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