The Only “Pandemic Ready” Habit System

Elastic Habits is now exclusive to Amazon. It is a part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a monthly KU subscription, you can grab it now and read it for free!

When the pandemic hit, I suddenly lost my main exercise outlet (the gym). So I simply replaced my habit poster entries for the gym and replaced them with comparable home exercises. I didn’t miss a day.

In fact, I’ve been exercising more frequently, even with the same amount of free time (I’ve always worked from home). 

Elastic Habits are easily changed. Here’s how that compounds in your favor:

  1. You are able to quickly maneuver your goals, even when, you know, a global pandemic changes the fundamental way society works.
  2. When you do make changes, whether desired or forced, you’ll sometimes find that the new way works better than the old way.
  3. Now you’ve found a better way of doing something, which can save you time, money, and energy for the rest of your life.

I might just cancel my gym membership and work out at home. At $45 a month for 20 years, it’s almost $11,000. So I might have just saved $11,000 over the next 20 years to do something I enjoy more. I might retain my membership just to play basketball, but even then, I’ll still work out at home and enjoy it more!

If the pandemic has thrown you off your routines, I highly recommend reading Elastic Habits. It was designed for situations like this. It is the most flexible habit system, and the only one that is truly “pandemic ready.” Others require that you and your world be stable. That’s obviously not guaranteed.

Going in and out of quarantine, losing and regaining jobs, it all equates to massive turbulence. You need to be able to adjust. You need elastic habits!

Stay flexible, and you will get to your destination regardless of external conditions.

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