The Best ONLINE Board Games to Play With Friends in Quarantine

Quarantine can present two big problems: boredom and loneliness. 

Neither one is good, and I have a solution for both. If you feel cold and isolated from friends and family, but you like games, you’re in luck! I’ve recently discovered some amazing online game websites (which are almost all FREE) that you can play with others.

The best way to do it is to start a video chat simultaneously, and chat as you play the game. If you have a big monitor or multiple monitors, simply put the game and chat on the same computer. Or you can put one on a phone or ipad and another on a laptop. The combinations are endless!

There are two main recommendations in the video below. One recommendation because the site works well and has a LOT of free games. The other is because it’s just a fantastic game, especially with a larger group of people. I recently played it with 10 people! We all joined a zoom chat ( and played the game together.

What are the two recommendations? (the greatest website name in history)

Watch the video below to see why I think they’re so great!

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