New Quiz: How Much of a Perfectionist Am I?

The second book I wrote was about perfectionism. Weird, isn’t it? I mean, not too many people think about it let alone write a book about it. But that’s because perfectionism is one of those “affects everything” traits that rarely gets credit for the destruction it can cause in a human life.

I made a quiz based on the science of perfectionism that assesses how perfectionistic a person’s mind is. It includes questions based on each of the five subsets I discuss in my book, . Ultimately, I created this quiz for these reasons:

  1. It’s fun! A fast way for people to discover how perfectionistic they are.
  2. To educate people on the “poison of perfectionism,” and why it isn’t the “positive flaw” people make it out to be. You’ll see this in a brief discussion of your results after you .
  3. To get more people to see and read How to Be an Imperfectionist. This seems like a win/win way to advertise a book. Instead of heavy pressure, brute force advertising, it gives people something of value and then tells them why the book is awesome, which is obviously related to the quiz!
  4. People might want to share their scores and discuss perfectionism on social media, which would raise awareness about perfectionism and my book.

I’m also thinking about creating several more quizzes like this. Let me know if you’re interested in more of these. These will be like assessments compared to most quizzes out there, because I will incorporate science and give deeper analysis into the questions and weighing of the answers. Most quizzes out there are painfully rudimentary in how they determine your result.

In this quiz, every answer has a different score that contributes to your overall perfectionism rating. For example, if an answer is very imperfectionist in nature, it might even subtract from your existing score.

I took the quiz myself, and here was my result.

46% (moderate perfectionist) seems accurate. I literally wrote a book about and preach imperfectionism, but I’m human, and to my knowledge, all humans struggle with perfectionism to some degree. I tested just below average here, mostly because of the advances I’ve made in the last decade through researching and writing my books, which all have an anti-perfectionist message. 10 years ago, I bet I would test in the significant or severe range.

Your turn. . Share your result on social media if you wish. There are share buttons below the result page that will share your score badge (like my picture above).


Stephen Guise (moderate perfectionist)

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