Look: A New Habit Tracking Calendar & Habit Poster!

I’ve been working on these for a long time. It’s taken several tries, but I’m excited to present the latest (and certainly greatest) habit tracking products for Elastic Habits, the best habit formation strategy on our planet. And now, instead of just claiming that, I am excited to show you exactly why Elastic Habits and these products are the best in the world! 

I’ve created two introductory videos for these new products, and they’re premiering tonight on YouTube! A YouTube premier means we can watch the video together at a designated time. I will be present in the chat to answer any questions people might have.

Elastic Habit Poster 2.0 @ 6:30 PM

I’ve basically perfected the habit poster with this iteration. See why it’s the best at 6:30 PM EST on February 4th at this link. The video will show you a dozen examples!

Elastic Habits Tracking Calendar @ 6:45 PM

Instead of individual tracking sheets, now you can track your Elastic Habits on a specialized tracking calendar. It features two motivational quotes every month, and the trackers are even customized to fit the color scheme of each month’s image. Every month will feel brand new!

Come see its premiere on YouTube at 6:45 PM EST (it will be right after the Habit Poster premiere!). You can find it at this link!

Watch the Trailer Now!

If you can’t wait to see these in action, I have good news. I’ve created a teaser trailer for these products! Warning: once you see this video, all of the habit tracking you’ve ever done is going to seem really lame.

Elastic Habits: Superior Habit Tracking (Products Trailer Video)

That’s the hype video. The videos later today will be more instructive and go deeper into what this new poster and tracker can do for you. I’ll see you here at the Habit Poster premiere at 6:30!

New Elastic Habit Kits for Sale Later Today!

New products means new kits!

But first thing’s first: The prior Elastic Habit kits still work well! I’ve had many months of amazing success using the tools that these are replacing. So if you’ve bought a Deluxe or Starter Kit already and are wondering what to do now, think of this as a new iPhone launch. Your current system works great, but there’s a better one out now. Whether you want to upgrade or not is up to you.

The Elastic Habits store at minihabits.com is closed currently, but will be open later today (Feb 4th) with these new products for sale. Look for the store to reopen around the time of the premiers (6:30 PM EST) or slightly sooner!


Stephen Guise

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