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Gary Millman was “just messing around with his new cell phone camera.”

CHARLOTTE, NC – Local man Stephen Guise claimed last Tuesday that James Bond subscribed to his blog, Deep Existence. News outlets were initially unreceptive to Guise’s frequent calls, but when channel 9 news employee Alex Bergbar picked up the phone, that changed.

“I was skeptical at first too,” Bergbar said, “but he seemed to know an awful lot about Bond. For example, did you know that James Bond has a minor Facebook addiction?”

After the story ran on channel 9, major news outlets such as CNN picked up the story.

“Why would anyone be surprised?” Guise said on Good Morning America. “Deep Existence is the world’s finest resource for learning how to stay focused, and James Bond needs to focus more than anyone. Plus, subscribers get a custom pack of 40 focus wallpapers and my well-liked eBook for free.”

Berea, Kentucky Man Comes Forward

But before Guise could get into the details about how helpful the weekly newsletter was, the producers brought out Gary Millman. Millman introduced himself as a loyal Deep Existence subscriber, and proceeded to break the news to Guise.

“Stephen,” Millman said, “that picture I sent you is of me, not James Bond. You know he’s fictional, right? I was just messing around with my new cell phone camera, trying to look cool. I love your blog though – it’s helping me to overcome a minor Facebook addiction.”

Guise sulked initially, and then went on to explain how if he were real, James Bond’s achievements would result from focusing on key skills such as social charisma and underwater assassination. “Without focus,” Guise said, turning to the studio audience, “people can’t do what they really want to do in life. And with technology distracting us more than ever, it’s vitally important to develop your focus skill.”

Guise went on for another two hours and thirty-five minutes about how focusing has changed his life. At the end of his speech, everyone (except those sleeping or checking Facebook mobile) subscribed to Deep Existence. As for Gary Millman, he was asked to be a stand-in for Daniel Craig in the next Bond film.

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