Grading My Quarantine Habits

With so many of us adjusting to a new normal, I thought I would discuss my quarantine habits. I’ve recently been amazed at how small adjustments to my habit goals has created drastic differences.

Currently, I have a morning routine (that I shared with subscribers last week) and three elastic habits.

Morning Routine:

  • Allergy drops
  • Push-ups (minimum 5, but I usually do 10-15 because they’re so easy now. The body improves quickly when you’re consistent!)
  • Groom/teeth/shower/dress
  • Read 5 minutes

Elastic Habits:

  • Exercise
  • Writing
  • Piano practice

It’s really strange looking at all of these “daily requirements” now, but there are two important reasons why it doesn’t intimidate me.

  1. I’ve been successfully practicing habits for a long time thanks to making them mini-sized back in 2012. The longer you pursue habits, the better you get at it. 
  2. My morning routine is very easy, and the elastic habits can all flex down into easy mode. 
  3. Elastic habits are fun with multiple ways to win and upgrades. 

Habits make chores into rewards. It turns a list of “things I must do” into “things I get to do today.”

Habit Assessment & Grades

I’m going to grade the impact of the habit on my life and my performance in it.

Morning routine

Impact Grade: A+

This is a new addition I covered last week, and I have been blown away by it. If you are struggling at all, you must try having a morning routine. It needn’t (and shouldn’t) be excessive. Just combine things you usually do with things that will give you a boost. 

Even if you’re staying in all day because of the virus, make sure you groom yourself. I started shaving daily as part of my routine (despite staying inside), and I’ve found it has a strangely powerful effect on my psyche.

My Performance: A

I’ve done well being consistent. I missed one day. Otherwise, I’ve hit everything in the list, even on “those days.”


Impact Grade: A

Lack of exercise feels like a slow, metabolic death. Exercise makes you feel alive, but it’s challenging physically and mentally. Even though I’ve developed a strong exercise habit, I still find it tough to do it instead of the many lazy alternatives. When I do, however, I feel considerably better.

The only reason I don’t grade this an A+ is because you have to work for the benefits. This is where habits are so useful. They make the work bearable because your brain knows the reward to come.

My Performance: B+

I would give myself an A, but I know I could push myself harder than I have at times. Still, my consistency has been very good and rewarding. I’ve got to leave room for improvement!

The transition from gym-going to home workouts has been a challenge, but I’ve done it. And really, I think if I had all of the equipment that a gym has, I’d be able to push myself harder. 


Impact Grade: A-

Writing is therapeutic. It helps me process the chaos of life. I could grade it higher, but it’s not as obviously beneficial as my morning routine and exercise. This grade is more of a day-by-day grade instead of an overall grade. If I looked at it long-term, writing has been my career and lead to the greatest breakthroughs in my personal life (mini habits and elastic habits).

Day-to-day, it’s an A-, but over the course of my life, it’s an A++++++++. 

My Performance: B

I went into a bit of a writing slump after writing Elastic Habits. Without a specific new book idea, and with the virus changing life as we know it, I had an adjustment period. But I’ve gotten on track again and it’s great!

Piano Practice

Impact Grade: A

It would be easy to underestimate this one. But the challenge and excitement of a new hobby is exactly what I (and many others) need right now. I’ve learned a few beginner songs and it’s really fun to produce music. Besides a few piano lessons as a kid, I’ve never learned an instrument before.

My Performance: A

I’m not going to grade my piano performance. Yikes. My poor cats have had to listen to my beginner struggles. I have, however, practiced some every day, and have seen excellent progress. 

Those are my habits right now. They’re working great! In grading my habits, it should be no surprise that they get high grades. Otherwise, I wouldn’t continue with them!

Tools I Use

For my morning routine, I use a Habit Star. Fold the tab down for each day of the month you complete the behavior or routine. The green backside will then “activate” the diamond cutout, giving a satisfying success mark. 

For my elastic habits, I design them on habit posters (v 2.0) and track them with the Elastic Habits Tracking Calendar. You can see them in action at

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