A Big Change For Deep Existence

I’ve been writing subscriber-only messages, full-length blog posts, guest posts, books, and working on other projects. It has been a fairly heavy workload, and I’d like to allocate my time more efficiently. This means a change is coming to Deep Existence.

Other bloggers generally send their subscribers an email when new posts go live on the website, which is fine, but I believe subscribers deserve more than that. Why? Subscribers are the lifeblood of any blog. Without subscribers, Deep Existence would not exist, or it would be a more of a personal journal than a movement to change the way the world thinks.

The Old Format

  1. Writing articles on Deep Existence whenever I could.
  2. Sending subscribers their own personal message every Tuesday.

This has led to erratic posting frequency on Deep Existence because I’m busy with other projects.

The New Format

  1. Every Monday, I will write a short post for Deep Existence.
  2. In the Tuesday message I send to subscribers, I will expound on Monday’s article by adding more details, subpoints, personal examples, and research.

Deep Existence articles will now be delivered each Monday. They’ll be short and sweet, and those who want greater depth will get it in the Tuesday messages. Current subscribers will still get Tuesday messages from me.

What If I Subscribe AFTER Tuesday? Can I Still Read The Previous Message?

Yes. I am now archiving the messages I send to subscribers in a special place so that they can be accessed at any time (by subscribers) online. If you read an article a year after it was published and want to see the follow-up message that was sent, you can subscribe and go read it in the archives. 

I’m also archiving messages I’ve sent in the prior few months, so if you subscribe right now, you’ll have (as of writing) 23 excellent new “email articles” to read! People say that these emails are life-changingly good, such as this review of Mini Habits:

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 2.22.35 PM

Can I Just Read The Full Article?

Yes. If you subscribe via email, the FULL content will be sent to you by email every Tuesday. People who visit the Deep Existence site will see the shorter version.


  1. Subscribers get top priority. Some people probably had no idea that Deep Existence subscribers received an extra article every week in their email. Now everyone will know.
  2. This will allow me to write one article per week for Deep Existence. It will give me more time to work on important projects such as writing books and creating *SECRET*.
  3. Articles will now be consistently delivered on Mondays.
  4. Email is more personal, and I like that.
  5. Deep Existence will now offer a concise AND deeper version of each article.
  6. It’s free to subscribe.

If you’re already a subscriber, you’re all set and will continue to receive Tuesday messages, and I’ll show you where to find the archives. If you’re an RSS subscriber, see how you like the short articles and subscribe via email if you want more.

I might still occasionally write full-length articles on Deep Existence, but this will be the usual format moving forward. Subscribers get the very best Deep Existence has to offer. I’ll see you on Mondays and Tuesdays!

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