15 Posts For 6 Common Life Problems

I wasn't sure what picture to use for this post, and then I saw these camels. You can't go wrong with a couple of camels.

I wasn’t sure what picture to use for this post, and then I saw these camels. Camels are good.

The typical format of a blog is to write short thoughts on single topics. Over time, posts accumulate and you end up with a sea of fragmented ideas. This is one reason why books are great—they’re thorough and focused dissections of a single topic. 

Given this issue with blogging, I want to organize some of the best recent Deep Existence posts by which type of life problem they address. That way, if you’re struggling with say, procrastination, you’ll find several posts with differently angled solutions for the problem. This is a great example of what we need to do with our lives occasionally—zoom out and look at the big picture.

If you’ve already read some or all of these, don’t hesitate to read them again. Especially if you remember one of them resonating with you, that’s a sign that you saw an appealing new way of looking at things, but reading an article one time might not be enough to instill the new way of thinking into your mind. Repetition is the language of the subconscious mind, so don’t hesitate to repeat anything that impacts your life positively.

If You Have No Life Direction (Or Are Unorganized)

If You’re Procrastinating

If You’re Too Busy 

If You’re Disappointed With Your Life

  • What are you expecting from life? Are you sure you should have expectations at all? Emotional Gambling: The Problem With Expectations talks about what life could be like if we didn’t have expectations.
  • Having A Bad Day? You Can Beat It by putting a limit on the duration of your emotional reaction to negative events. As I often say, the present moment is neutral. The past only discourages you if you think it still matters (it doesn’t).

If You’re Unconfident And Scared

  • Being scared used to mean that I was scared. Fear isn’t that simple though. When Fear Means Opportunity, it isn’t scary as much as it’s exciting! This article discusses how to know when fear is a positive sign that means you’re doing something right.
  • When’s the last time you did something unexpected? Do you ever go outside the lines? Or Do You Depend Too Much On Permission?
  • Confidence is not a superpower that requires you to look and be like James Bond (though that helps). Confidence comes from knowing who you are, which is Why Anyone Can Be Confident.
  • Look out for these 5 Signs You Care Too Much About What Others Think Of You (And The Solution)
  • You’re more than what’s currently visible to the world. Every single person has a higher potential than their current situation. This is Why Others’ Opinions Of You Are Inaccurate And Worthless (this is the 11/11/14 message for subscribers only—sign up here and you can read it!)

If You’re A Perfectionist

  • Growth Mindset Vs. Performance Mindset: which is better? There’s a clear winner here and it’s not the performance mindset. Oops, I spoiled the surprise.
  • As many of life’s ailments are rooted in perfectionism, one of the best lessons a human being can learn is How To Be An Imperfectionist (Stay tuned for my book on this topic coming soon!)
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