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As many of you may know, this blog started out as “Deep Existence.” About five years after I founded Deep Existence, I realized how much I had grown and changed from the person I was back then. “Deep Existence” no longer resonates with my purpose to the same level it once did, so I have decided to change to a domain name that can grow with me. My own name. Even if I somehow become a full time scuba instructor, I can still use this site! I’m constantly growing and changing, so this makes the most sense. I also wanted a digital home broad enough to show people all of the projects I’m passionate about, and you can see them all in the “projects” section of the main menu.

While it’s a big change in some ways, not very much will change. I will still write the same type of content, I will keep writing quality books, and and I will continue to write for the benefit of others. Okay, now I’m going to pretend that Deep Existence is a conscious entity. It’s going to be a bit sentimental and possibly “cute,” but most of all, it’ll be really weird when you think about me talking to a website like this.

Goodbye, Deep Existence. Thank you for taking me this far. I’ll never forget you and the times we spent together, like the first guest post we ever got on Problogger, or the time Lifehacker republished our guest post and we got 250 subscribers in one day! As much as I enjoyed the good times, I’ll never forget the hard times we went through, when it seemed nobody cared about us. Through it all, you kept existing by my side. Deeply. Deep Existence. Yeah, you get the joke. But I want to be clear. This metamorphosis is not your death. Rather, you are transforming into something better. A NEW existence! As I reach new horizons with, you will always be in my heart, and…  Okay, that’s probably good enough. Hold back the tears. Onward and upward! DE to SG!

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