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How to Live Like a Fox


That is one foxy fox. (photo by peggycadigan)

Foxes are cool. They’d be even cooler if they were “foxi” in plural. Here’s how to live like a fox.

Use Your Available Tools Like the Fox Uses Its Tail

The fox tail — What? Yes, I know it’s cute. Would I snuggle with a fox? No, I would not snuggle with a wild animal.

Did you know that the fox’s furry appendage does more than just attract vixens and snuggle-prone humans? Fox tails are like a swiss army knife. [Continue Reading…]

How to Live Like an Anglerfish

The anglerfish is my favorite deep sea creature. (Yes, I have a favorite deep sea creature.)

Anglerfish have a growth coming out of their head. At the tip of this growth is a pod of bacteria capable of producing light. The anglerfish uses this light to attract prey, and it’s often compared to a fishing rod because of its shape and function. The anglerfish strikes the prey with its clear, freaky teeth when it comes to check out the light. This brings us to the first lesson we can learn from the anglerfish. [Continue Reading…]

How to Attack Your Goals Like a Shark


Don’t read this post before going to the beach.

Sharks have extraordinary awareness. They can easily detect distant vibrations and faint scents in the water. This helps them locate and eat their prey. Cool.

Humans have poor awareness. Their combination of bad habits and misinformation cause them to be oblivious to their poor goal strategies. This helps them procrastinate. Bad.

If we humans want to improve, we need to let the shark be our guide. Here are some tips from the ocean’s fiercest fish. [Continue Reading…]