Don’t Be Envious: The Cost Is Too High

Cat-tion: Why did owner pet that greasy dog when I’m obviously cuter? Am I too clean? Do I smell too good? *hiss* I deserve a chin scratch.

Envy, often confused with jealousy, is when you want something that someone else has. 

Jealousy is when you feel threatened that someone else is going to take away something you already have.

“Envy was characterized by feelings of inferiority, longing, resentment, and disapproval of the emotion. Jealousy was characterized by fear of loss, distrust, anxiety, and anger.” (source)

Is Envy Related to Shame?

In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, I attacked shame as aggressively as a rabid raccoon attacks your garbage.Read More

How to Overcome Burnout: Balance Focus and Variety

Me and my cousin, Actress Laura Avnaim, in our upcoming Mini Habits for Weight Loss video course! (Spring 2018)

Real work requires deep focus.

But variety keeps us interested.

I’m the type of guy to badger people about the importance of focusing, but lately, I’ve realized the importance of variety. They say variety is the spice of life, but I’m thinking it’s the spice of everything.

How I Got Burnt Out (and How I Came Back)

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Why You Should Organize Your Life With Lists

Under my “irrelevant blog post images” list, I found “yawning cat.” Lists are amazing!

I’m not impressed when someone can memorize the sequencing of pi to 100,000 places. Do you know why?

Because a (large) piece of paper accomplishes the same thing. A computer can calculate and show that information instantly and on demand. 

You’re telling me that your brain has all the power of the spiral notebook I bought at the dollar store. (Before you think that’s a devastating insult, consider that notebooks are extremely underrated! It’s merely a standard insult.)Read More

How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage

I have just discarded most of my baggage. Literally. This is all that I own.

I did it for freedom, to be lightweight as I travel the world, and to make a statement to myself that I will always value experiences over possessions.

These benefits are similar to the ones you’ll have when you discard your emotional baggage: you’ll feel free, lighthearted, and make the statement that what is to come matters more than what has been.Read More