When The Thought Of Not Doing Something Makes You Cringe…

cringe You cringe when you are repulsed by something. It’s a very instinctual response – essentially uncontrollable – which makes it revealing.

We all are familiar with the positive emotions of desire (i.e. I want to do this and that). But repulsion is arguably stronger than these “toward” emotions and definitely more reliable by it’s pure instinctual nature. Repulsion is felt when something undesirable clashes with your soul.

[box style=”info”]Most people can’t help but cringe at the thought of spiders in their hair, because that idea violates their ideals of cleanliness, safety, and comfort.[/box]

What then, makes you cringe when you think about NOT doing it? What possible course of inaction makes you shudder with disgust? What pursuit is so meshed with your ideals that the thought of abandoning it makes you sick?

When you find something like that, and the thought of not doing it makes you cringe…

You have no choice but to find a way to make it happen.

photo by jordaneileenlucas

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