Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits

What have I been doing for the last two years?

I’ve been creating a video course called Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits.

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The course is now available on Udemy. It’s 6 hours of dynamic, engaging, smart, strategic, and fun content. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I prefer quality over quantity, and that’s worked out well for me and people who buy my products. I’ve only released 4 products in the last 5 years, and all of them still sell well today because they’re timeless. Today, I’m adding the 5th!

If you want to jump in, see the course trailer, and use code “GUISEBLOG” for a big launch discount, click here to visit the course page.

If you want to know why this video course is extremely important, read on. 

Dieting Is Worse Than Doing Nothing

The world’s obsession with dieting needs to stop. I posted a funny picture of me next to fad diet magazines last week (seen below), but when I really think about the state of this multi-billion dollar industry, it doesn’t make me laugh, it makes me feel physically ill. I’m infuriated at the people who continue to shamelessly proliferate these lies for money. More people’s lives are ruined by dieting than helped by it.

FACT: Dieting creates biological and neurological countermeasures that actually make weight gain a more likely outcome than weight loss over time. This has been shown in multiple studies, including one on twins that removed genetics as a factor for weight gain. Of 4,000 sets of twins, the dieting twin gained more weight over a 25-year period than the other twin, and further dieting was associated with further weight gain. Yes, gain.1

The only reason people still diet is because they think it’s the only way. If you want to lose weight, you immediately think to go on a diet. It’s just what we’ve done over the last century. The short-term results it gives have apparently been enough to trick us for decades.

Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits presents a different, smarter, habitual approach to weight loss. It’s specifically designed to prevent the “counterattack” that occurs when people try to change their behavior or diet overnight. It’s specifically designed to reduce shame and empower people, because nobody reaches their dreams via shame. The shame-driven philosophy is a microcosm of dieting—it can work in the short-term, but it beats you down eventually.

Biological Rebellion

I want to be clear. This is not merely behavioral rebellion we’re talking about. I understand that dieting makes people want to eat entire bakeries. But the issue with dieting goes even deeper than that—dieting causes biological rebellion. That means that even if you have an iron will and stick to your smoothies-only, low-carb, or low-calorie diet, your efforts will become less and less effective as your body fights against you. You’ll learn all about this in the course, but it’s one of the most shocking (and overlooked) scientific facts when it comes to weight loss. 

Mini habits have become world-renowned for helping people bypass brain resistance. Here’s the exciting part… Mini habits can help overcome biological resistance, too!

The brain and body are on the same page when it comes to change—they’re not interested. The brain prefers your current behaviors. The body prefers your current lifestyle, food choices, and weight. Your body right now is exactly where it thinks it needs to be to support you. So when you try that 10-day smoothie cleanse and are amazed at the weight you lose so quickly, your body is already planning to put those pounds back on. Why? Because your body doesn’t care about what you look like in the mirror more than it cares about survival

The Starvation Response

We’ve got spoofmercials!

Biological adaptation ruins most weight loss efforts today, but consider that it used to save lives during times of famine. If your body is able to become more food efficient and slow its metabolism, you can survive longer during a food shortage (and famines have happened often throughout human history). Surviving is more important than looking good at the beach, wouldn’t you agree? And yet, look at the magazine rack at the grocery store… “x pounds in x days” every time. Idiots. Translated to your body, “x pounds in x days” means “famine simulator 2000.” It’s no wonder why dieting is worse than not dieting! Dieting tells your body to store energy and slow its metabolism!

As for the good nutritional diets that don’t suggest starving yourself, they’re better, but they tend to share the same unintelligent implementation strategy of “JUST EAT THIS WAY NOW.” And if you’re abruptly going from unhealthy food to healthy food (which is naturally lower calorie), even that can actually cause a larger calorie deficit than you’re used to, which brings the starvation response back into play. Either way, the issue here is the same one that Mini Habits fixed back in 2013—unsustainability. 

Using mini habits, you can introduce healthier living habits into your current lifestyle without alarming your brain and body. This is the same strategy that has helped thousands of people worldwide form better habits, and weight loss is its “dream application.” There’s no better fit than weight loss because of the biological resistance factor. If introduced in a smart way, healthy changes to our routines can A) last longer than 10 or 30 days and B) give us results without the reversal. Of course there can be setbacks like in any other goal pursuit, but a mini habit is far more resilient to adversity than a bootcamp or extreme diet.

The Course Is Finally Here!

More than smart strategy, this course is fun! One reason it took two years to make? We’ve got 10 different presentation styles to keep you entertained. We want you to pay close attention to this information, so we did our best to make it interesting. Here’s a screenshot of us (from one of our “Coffee Break Wrap Up” segments). Also consider watching the free preview videos on Udemy!

Take Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits, and you’ll never diet again. I hope to see you inside the course!


Stephen Guise 

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