Opposites! Worrying Is Highly Effective

Worried Cat

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A growing trend in America is to cancel the familly vacation and prepare the basement for the possibility of World War III. And for good reason! Worrying has been found to increase the likelyhood that nothing bad will happen by 36%.

Currently unknown Cognitive Psychologist David Smears says, “Worrying activates the cerebral synaptic oscillators to create a field of effect shield that ensures the safety or success of the target of worry. We’re not certain of the mechanism of action. It worked once when I thought my cat was lost outside forever, but I had accidentally locked her in the laundry room. My worrying kept her safe in there.”

The best orators of all time famously “warm up” by worrying excessively about getting tongue tied. Instead of conventionally picturing the audience naked, they imagine themselves naked on the stage, because, hey, it could happen in a worst-case scenario. Worrying about the speech prevents mistakes and ensures a smooth, powerful delivery.

Financial concerns are frequently a top worry-generator, and it’s wonderful. The thought is, if we worry about money enough, it will come to see what the fuss is about (and then we’ll grab it). Even the wealthy will worry about money sometimes for side income. Worrying was a top 3 income source in 2011 according to unverified sources.

worrying The beauty of worrying is how effective it is, especially in place of planning. “Planning is not effective because it isn’t emotionally draining like worrying is. Emotional distress just feels really productive when something is out of your control,” says Smears. He writes about it in his new book, titled “Worry Your Sanity Away.”

Disney is reportedly considering it’s slogan to “The Most Worrisome Place On Earth.” New rides include “Batman, What If The Joker Finds Us?” and “People Have Died At Amusement Parks, So Yeah…” People are excited to try them out. Jane Thomasson of Ohio said she “hasn’t slept for weeks because she’s scared her family will get in an accident on their way there.”

The evidence is compelling. It seems everyone should try to worry as much as they can.

Actually… it’s The Opposite!

Worrying is useless – the least efficient activity known to man. It is the principle cause of stress, which is detrimental to optimal well-being and even lethal. Worrying is one of the greatest enemies of mankind!

Associated with worry, is a false belief that it accomplishes something. Some might say it leads to action, but the action is not dependent on worrying. If your cat is lost, you don’t need to worry in order to search for her or make a “Lost” poster.

This is why planning is great! For any situation you might be tempted to worry, you can plan instead.

Maybe you’re waiting for a job offer or someone to get home. Planning works for these too. In the process of planning, you’ll find out what you can do to help a situation, and importantly, what you can’t do. If there is truly nothing you can do, you’re free to think of something else. I don’t care if you’re waiting to hear cancer test results, there is nothing to be gained by worrying about it and much to be gained by letting it go. You might still think about it and that’s fine, but  you can do it without worrying.

Disney says it is the “Happiest Place On Earth.” Do you ever wonder what it takes for that to be possible? Why are people happier vacations in general? The answer for both is not worrying about responsibilities and life!

When you worry, you place a temporary hold on your happiness. You say, “hold on happiness, I want to make sure this is ok before I smile.” And since we’ve already concluded that worry is worthless, to worry is to reject happiness for no reason! What a bad, sad idea.

This is especially problematic with long-term worries…

Will I find a job?

I asked that question for 1.5 years. Worrying never got me a job. It worked against me in interviews. But when I stopped worrying, I started planning and my situation improved almost immediately. I launched Deep Existence, quit the lousy job I had on day one, and I’m happier and much better off now.

What are you worried about?

Don’t worry, be happy… and make a plan!

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