If I Ever Become Rich And Famous…

Wealth. Fame. Pineapples.

Sure, these things are all desirable on some level, but I know from experience that the outer skin of pineapples irritates my taste buds. Here’s what I’ll do if I ever experience the other two, wealth and fame:

  1. I will want a smaller house and my car will get decent gas mileage (no hummer, but yes to a BMW).
  2. I will wonder why people treated me so differently than before, and try not to judge them for it.
  3. To give back, I will sponsor children rather than support one of the many wasteful/unethical charities.
  4. I will wonder why my potential was not recognized until it was realized.
  5. I will not use this toilet paper, even if people expect me to. Toilet paper should never be decorated at all.
  6. I will give money to random people sometimes, especially if they seem to be in real need or are unreasonably awesome.
  7. I will invest and be financially responsible like I am today!
  8. On that note, I will still shop on Amazon and get good deals.
  9. I will cherish the new excitement and miss my prior privacy.
  10. New friends will have to pass some kind of “do they like me or my money?” test.
  11. I will still be a minimalist!
  12. I will have to think deeply about if and how much money to give to family and friends. It’s not just giving money away, it’s permanently changing the lives of people you care about, sometimes for the better, but not if they’re destructive.
  13. I will further understand that money is not worth ruining your life over.
  14. I will analyze it and blog about it (like the ever-entertaining James Altucher did).
  15. I will travel everywhere. Often.
  16. I will stay at places like this occasionally… 🙂
  17. I will realize, like I do now, that the key to a satisfying life is being content with who and where you are, while making the most of your situation. 

But if I never become rich or famous, that’s fine too!

Have you ever thought about what your mindset and life would be like as a rich and/or famous person? Are you already rich or famous? Please share your thoughts and your autograph!

What would you add or subtract from my list? I’ll give you $2 million* if you tell me.


*Small Print, Bad News Disclaimer: $2 million may be substituted with the word “thanks” at my discretion. Also, I will never give you $2 million or even share my pineapple with you. Ok, you may have ONE small slice of pineapple, but it will have some of the outer skin on it. 

About the Author

I'm lazy, but you can call me Stephen. When you're as lazy as I am, you need superior strategies to live well. My strategies are so effective that I'm productive every single day. As the world tries to figure out how to always stay motivated, I create strategies that don't require it.


Neither rich nor famous. Not particularly interested in fame – I’m quite happy with a few good friends.

As to rich. A small and function ecologically oriented house. Buying a few more books from Amazon. Perhaps a nice meal at a good restaurant once a quarter. Live where public transport is good so no need for a car.

If I became very rich I would set up a foundation to solve the housing affordability problem in Australia where I live.


I would buy two things: the White House and Facebook.

Just kidding.

Along with 3, 6, 8, and 15, I would build a little cabin out in the country on a large plot of land, buy a lot of animals, and live self-sufficiently.

Stephen Guise

I wouldn’t mind not having a car. I loved public transport in Germany. I could see myself living in a place like Denmark where people bike everywhere.

It sounds like you’d live quite modestly, Evan. From what I’ve seen, those are the type of wealthy people who stay sane. It’s less jarring to the psyche.

Very interesting, thanks!

Stephen Guise

Wow, we’re talking ridiculous wealth if you’re buying those! Facebook’s stock is dropping in value every day it seems, so maybe you could get it on sale.

That sounds really cool. A cabin with a self-sustaining system would be very peaceful, which is nice in today’s crazy world. It’d be much easier to eat healthy too! I assume you’d have a nice garden.

Cool idea Sara! I’d like to see your cabin if you strike gold. 🙂


You’ve thought this one out really well, Stephen. (Which is not to say you haven’t thought out your previous posts equally well. I only mean that I haven’t been as thorough about the subject myself.) I’ll remember to come back and re-read if I ever become rich and famous, because I agree with everything you said.

So the question remains: Do you want to be rich and famous?

I ask because I decided a few years ago that I don’t, anymore. I learned contentment in the last several years since losing my day job. It became my new definition of abundance. Success (defined formerly as being rich and famous) scares me now because it carries so much expectation, maintenance and responsibility to those still in need. I’m referring to #12.

Thanks also for the link to James Altucher’s post on the subject. I’d never read a perspective on it from someone who was actually rich and famous. “I didn’t appreciate the money, so it left me.” On a very, very, scaled down level, this was my experience.

Stephen Guise

Thank you Marie!

I’ve always pondered why more rich and famous people don’t talk about what it’s like – the pluses and minuses. Maybe they do and I just don’t buy their books.

The way I see it, I think I could better manage wealth than most, and if I don’t have it someone else will. It doesn’t mean I really want to be wealthy. I am happy to make enough to live and have a few luxuries now and then.

Being that travel is a passion of mine, and it’s fairly expensive, I wouldn’t mind more disposable income. That said, I’d much rather make 20k a year blogging – which would give me complete location freedom – than 100k working 80 hours a week in a cubicle.

It’s so beneficial that you’ve realized the importance of contentment. I’m in the process of understanding it, though I already “know” it. Wealth makes it more difficult to be content, I think.

Slavko@ Lifestyle Updated

Before trying to look at the ceiling for a while and wonder what would I do with fame and wealth, I just want to point out how much some of the things you mentioned above made me think.
“I will wonder why my potential was not recognized until it was realized.” This especially. I mean it just makes sense. We always go trying to reach wealth, and it is only after some of us do reach a certain level of it, we realize that it was within us all of the time.

When it comes to blogging about the experience, I also cannot help but say that I will most definitely blog about it too.

Oh, and back to the list again… I very much agree with some of the things you mentioned (especially the last one), so I hope that not having a list for myself it will be OK if I use yours in case I reach a great level of wealth and fame. If such scenario really happens, I promise I will give credits to you for the list 🙂

Stephen Guise

Hey Slavko,

Yes, I wrote about potential like you are talking about in “I Am Successful – Are You?” You might enjoy that article. http://stephenguise.com/2011/05/i-am-successful-are-you/

You are more than welcome to use my list for just a small portion of your new wealth. 🙂 Haha, I’m kidding. It’s free.

Anyways, it’s great this made you think! That’s the goal here at Deep Existence. 🙂

Slavko@ Lifestyle Updated

Stephen, I’ve read that other post you wrote, and it really gives one a different perspective on things. I’ve left my comment about the post over there.

You have a great blog, keep up the good work 🙂

Stephen Guise

Thanks very much! I’ll keep blogging as long as there are people reading. I’m headed over there now to respond to your comment.

I appreciate your feedback and comments.


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If I Ever Become Rich And Famous…I’ll pass my experience to everyone willing to listen.

So, Stephen with the crazy sales of Mini Habits… where is this test (#10)? I want to be your friend.

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