Latest Lessons

Break Your Own Rules, Live Better – Precedents are set when we make a decision. The next time we’re in a similar situation, we’re likely to follow the precedent we set last time. Over time, precedents become so strong that they turn into rules. And sometimes, these rules hold us back from living a better life. This lesson discusses why and how to break your own rules.

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure Today?Every morning, your default mindset is similar to previous mornings. It’s based on your past experiences and how they relate to your current expectations. But sometimes we’d like to do better than we have in the past, right? This is where a mindshift can help. This article shows you how to wake up with brand new expectations to give yourself a chance to live the life you really want to live today.

The Real Reason You Can’t Cut Your Losses – Why do we struggle to sell a fallen stock? Why is it so difficult to come clean in the middle of a lie? Find out in this insightful post that gets to the root of the problem. Then, mindshift into a new life with brand new possibilities!

Not In The Mood? Do It Anyways – There will be times when you don’t feel up to doing non-urgent, but very important tasks. In this article, I point out why forced action is the right choice. But forced action is only possible with the right mental perspective, and that’s where mindshift comes in.

Mindshift: Become Decisive – Passivity is a common thinking ailment that plagues many people. Learn the sequence of thoughts that leads to passive behavior, why it is harmful, and of course…how to shift into decisiveness! The first step is to decide to read this.

More About Mindshift

Do you ever wish you had the determination of Tim Tebow in the 4th quarter?

Is the thought of being perpetually happy appealing to you?

Do you want to be able to turn a bad day into a good day?

Do you feel like you need to change something, but aren’t sure what?

All in all, would you like to improve how you think about various aspects of life?

Mindshift can help.  


Welcome to the brand new, unbearably exciting series. Mindshift was forged in the fires of the heart of Deep Existence…or something like that. The aim of mindshift is to:

  1. Pinpoint common erroneous thinking patterns
  2. Discover how to shift your mind into healthier, correct thinking patterns
The goal is simple and the focus is clear, but the task at hand is very challenging – the perfect scenario for deep thought! Get ready to think, enjoy, and shift…