I Am Successful – Are You?

Success is so elusive for some.  For others it is deceptively simple. Why is this?

I am currently successful, even though it might not be evident to others.  The reason I am successful already is because I have the success mindset.

Wasted Talent

I have been unemployed since graduating with a B.S.B.A. in Finance in July 2010.  This blog has made me just $25 (not quite enough to live off of).  I’m moving back in with my parents because I can’t afford an apartment.  I am single.  Worst of all, my hairline is receding.

Balding man

Based on the above facts, some might dare to call me a “loser.”  Do not associate with these people.  They are the worst.  I am successful now, though I wasn’t always successful.

Earlier this year, I wasted my days away playing chess, watching TV, and playing video games.  I was hoping that one of the dozens of companies I’d sent my resume would see my talent and take a chance on me.  Nothing.  I continued on in passive living.  I would go to sleep at 4 AM and wake up at 2 PM.

Success started with a simple thought – “What if I tried to make it myself?  I know I am capable and I’m tired of waiting on others to see that.”

That simple thought led to a simple action – I registered deepexistence.com for about $9.  Then I purchased web hosting at a discounted price of $37 for the year. And honestly, I should have invested more by investing in something like this from bloggers who already traveled this path. I have learned a lot of things the slow way.

Seemingly overnight, I was working 12-14 hours a day on my website – learning, researching, tweaking, trying different wordpress themes, and writing blog posts.  I no longer wanted to watch TV or play games because I had a greater desire to work on my website.  I was shocked as I hadn’t ever liked to work.  40 hours a week was always so draining.  But I wasn’t the problem – the work was.

Society, the darn thing, pushes us all in the same direction.  The good news?  Some people like that direction and that is great!  But then there are the rest of us, wondering what our problem is for not fitting in.  Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with those who would rather not work 9-5 for someone else.

I think a major mental hurdle to thinking outside of the 9-5 box is the difficulty in starting a business.  I thought of starting up a “healthy fast food” restaurant.  Then I realized I’d need to find hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance it.  Physical businesses require a massive amount of start-up capital.  And then there is the internet, where I can start a business in one day for petty cash.

There Is Opportunity Online

Do you think the internet is too saturated with websites and businesses? If so, you are mistaken! There is so much opportunity online.  The internet is YOUNG – about 20 years old.  I’m older than the internet is.  High speed internet is only a decade old.  If you think the internet is saturated now, imagine it 100 years from now.  There will have been millions of very successful businesses and entrepreneurs (and bloggers).

People remember the internet bubble popping in 2000 and the many online companies that were crushed.  But what about the multitude of successes since then?  The bubble popping was good.  It showed that quality still matters with the internet.  If you try to sell crap, you’re going to lose now or later.

Maybe you’re not technical enough to start a web-business.  Well, you can learn most things for free or very little money. Or if you prefer, you can outsource the technical work.  You might find that you love it, but I speak from experience when I say you won’t know if you don’t try.

The Blogosphere

The blogosphere really didn’t start growing rapidly until the early 2000s.  In the last 24 hours as of this writing, 62,814 blogs were started.  This is an explosive growth era for blogging.

The older blogs have greater trust online, a competitive advantage, and valuable experience over newer bloggers.  If you’ve considered blogging, the time to get in is NOW – you can be an “older blog” in five years.  Of those 62 thousand blogs started, only a small fraction will still be there in five years.

The Success Mindset

Since starting this blog and getting great feedback from readers (thank you!), I have found that believing in myself and taking a chance is a great idea.  I have been more willing to accept failure, which has lead to greater success in almost all areas of my life.  Before my blog hits two months of age, I have secured three guest posts on the very popular and successful Problogger blog.

According to my experience, there are two steps to obtain the success mindset.

1. Take a leap of faith for yourself.  That might be starting a business, blog, moving somewhere, switching careers, adopting a child, taking up a new hobby, etc.  The key is that it has to be something that is very core to your values to make a big impact on you.  My values of proving myself in my career and writing well to help others are directly tied to this blog.  Even if the blog fails to support me financially, I’ll still view it as a success already because it has changed my mindset!  I know this is something I can keep.

2. Through hard work, you’ll eventually hit a milestone.  For me, it was landing a guest post with Problogger.  I had read the blog and read about the blog.  When I was notified that my guest post was accepted, I went nuts.  It was a “I’m really doing it!” moment.  Then when it actually aired on Problogger and the response was great, it was more affirmation and motivation.  It has been snowballing ever since!

Another way to look at it is going backwards…

  • I would have never gotten on Problogger if I had not worked my tail off.
  • I would have never worked my tail off if I wasn’t doing something I loved to do.
  • I would have never been doing something I loved doing if I hadn’t taken a chance on myself.

Whoever you are in whatever place in life, you can do something and start this wonderful chain of events.  It all starts with a taking a risk (large or small) on yourself.   Then do anything and everything you can to make sure that risk pays off.  If it is something very important to you and you succeed, you will begin to believe that you are a successful person.

The amazing thing about the success mindset?  It happens well before you have actually “made it” and it helps you to reach that place!

About the Author

I'm lazy, but you can call me Stephen. When you're as lazy as I am, you need superior strategies to live well. My strategies are so effective that I'm productive every single day. As the world tries to figure out how to always stay motivated, I create strategies that don't require it.

A. Irvin

This entry pretty much explains why I enjoy visiting your blog. When I read your entries, I always think to myself, “Wow, he gets it.”

I think I have done several of the things you mentioned regarding taking a leap of faith: I am changing careers (back in school working toward doctorate), I’ve moved, I started a blog, and I just finished navigating a divorce. I did exactly as you . . . I made my plans and decided to take a chance on MYSELF.

As part of the process, I try to surround myself with like-minded people (again, a reason why I like visiting your blog). I love seeing the success of others, and I try to keep a success-minded orientation as I move along with my own plans. This is such a great article. I hope others glean from it the same positive feelings and encouragement as I have!

Armand Polanski

Wow! Great Post, Stephen!

I do agree the internet is really opening a lot of info age business opportunities for people who have real mad talents and skills, also for those who really wants to make it big in business but has not much skills and money for capital. Thank you for the nice post Stephen!


Hey Stephen,
Success really is a mind set. A good while back I was talking to a buddy and mentioned that we were poor. My friend replied, “I’m not poor. I just don’t have any money at the time.”
Outlook plays a factor in much of what we do.


I greatly appreciate your words, Angela.

And wow, it sounds like you’ve done this many times! It doesn’t sound to me like you regret any of it. 🙂 I like what you brought up about surrounding yourself with successful people. That is a very smart thing to do and a great insight!

By the way, going to school or quitting school is one key area of risk that I forgot to include. For some, it’s best to go to school to help themselves and for others it is best to quit. Demetri Martin quit Harvard a semester before he graduated and went into comedy. He is hilarious and very successful financially with it!

Thanks Angela.


Hey Armand!

I think that the internet is so versatile that it makes a great option for 90% of people. Like in blogging, you can write about anything you want to. If you want to sell something online, that is your choice as well. As long as you have basic computer skills, the internet is a viable option for business.

I’m very happy you enjoyed the post. I love the title of your blog by the way – Lifestyle Scientist. That’s really creative and sounds cool. 🙂


Greetings Rob!

That is a fantastic quote from your friend (he should be famous for it). It is exactly my sentiment right now. Does your friend have the money now? 🙂


Great post! I think you are so right; success is about deciding what is important to you, figuring out who you truly are and then living your life in alignment with that. I know a lot of outwardly successful people who are inwardly bankrupt.
Congratulations on the ProBlogger posts! I realize that was part of the point of this post 🙂 but I don’t quite have the nerve up to attempt that one yet. 🙂


Hello Amy,

I was intimidated by Problogger at first too. “They won’t accept my posts because I’m new and I’m not ready for the big time guest posting. That happens later.” I know that is nonsense now.

I knew I could write well, so I decided to try writing the best piece I could. It is of note that I spend hours on each post. So anyways, I’ve found that Problogger is just looking for the best content out there. If you think you can match or exceed the guest posts currently running there, by all means write one!

It’s simple – ignore your nerve and write the best relevant post you can. Try to write about something new that hasn’t already been written about. Once it is written and you see how great it is, just submit it. If it isn’t accepted, then submit it somewhere else as a guest post. If you’re willing to fail, you will succeed eventually!


Danny @ Firepole Marketing

What an honest post! This takes a lot of guts, Stephen, and I agree with you – if you have the guts to get out there and give it a shot, then you’re in the game, and that’s the only way there is to have a chance at winning. 🙂

Thanks again for your awesome guest post at Firepole Marketing today!


Thanks very much Danny! Honesty and vulnerability are important to me, so I try to incorporate them into my writing. It’s been great working with you!

Chris Kahler @ Bloggeritus

Great post, and I completely agree with how the guest post feeling for ProBlogger is! I have a guest post coming out this Thursday on Problogger and one coming out on Tuesday at Traffic Generation Cafe and right now I’m slaving my fingers away at a free report (which I think is superb quality) so that I can retain as much of that traffic as possible with the pop up domination plug in…

I’ll be on the lookout for your guest posts. They will be just as informative as your blog’s own posts, which is great. It’s hard to believe how new you are to blogging since your blog is doing so great so early on. It’s kind of funny though, my blog was started about 2 and a half weeks ago I am seeing really good growth with it.

I’ve also realized that I agree with everything you write about. Could that be coincidental? I think not… the mindset is everything. This profession all starts in the brain!

Great post Stephen 🙂


That’s great Chris! I look forward to reading those! I really like how Ana does things at The Traffic Generation Cafe. That’s a good site. Eh, those pop-ups supposedly work well, but they are too invasive for my tastes.

I’ve been working really hard, so I’m happy to see results coincide with that. Also, I started blogging on Facebook by writing notes and got some great feedback from those. I’ve essentially been blogging for a few years, but not publicly until recently.

I’ve been wondering Chris, what is the treatment for bloggeritus? I think I have some minor inflammation of the blogging head. 😛

Chris Kahler @ Bloggeritus

If you are inflamed… I am sorry, there is no cure.

You can however take a prescription of “Blog Like Hell”, but that only treats the symptoms… If you are inflamed, I have to tell you that you’re going to be blogging for a while so you might as well work with it and not against it!

Haha that’s the whole point of the blog I guess… I too suffer from blog head inflammation… just too much information needing to get out there, so I see blogging as the only treatment!

Yeah I also think Pop ups are invasive, so I think I’m doing things differently and am going to use a Javascript code that only pops up the opt in when the someone’s mouse hovers on the exit icon to leave my site. I think that will work out better. I would hate to turn off potential readers, but I know the value of increasing opt ins for a blog.

Hmm I’m torn between this one..


Well, I speak from experience in that you won’t get great results without being aggressive. I’d say if you’re on the fence, just go for it. Or maybe you could ask a fellow blogger who uses the pop-up how it has worked for them with pros and cons?

I’m going for more of the pull strategy than push. I want make myself known and let readers choose my blog when they see what I write instead of being pushy. It’s honestly probably not a smart strategy, but I’ll have to think about it more before I change. The great thing about blogging is that if you make a mistake, you just keep going and learn from it. 🙂

Chris Kahler @ Bloggeritus

I agree. I could always just add a footer section of every blog post and put a sidebar widget with the book for grabs as exchange for email. I could also create a standalone squeeze page and market that. There are a lot of factors to consider, but either way the book will truly help others, so I feel obligated to put it in front of them however possible.

Now if I had no value to offer I wouldn’t intrude, but if they are on my site looking for information that book is the most collective source of my knowledge.

Thanks for your insights! I have some considering to do lol

A. Irvin

No, I haven’t done it many times . . . I’m doing it NOW – ALL AT ONCE! I made a complete 180 regarding my life and I’m walking completely without a net – LOL. But, you are right; I don’t regret any of my decisions.

For me, school is a means to an end. I recognize that I need more knowledge/expertise in order to do what I plan to do (write books), and luckily I have an inborn interest in the academic subject matter (clinical psych). When I’m in class and studying for exams, it doesn’t even feel like work! I think it’s a sign that I’m on the right track.

My blog is simply a way for me to get my feet wet with writing for public consumption. It was my first time ever sharing my written thoughts with others (outside of an academic setting). I had no idea whether people would like it or not. But the only way for me to find out was to DO IT.

I took a course called Psychology of Motivation and Emotion, and we talked a lot about the importance of having the right kind of support. I can make a HUGE difference in a persons motivation and perception of risk. And if you’re a follower of Seth Godin, you know exactly what it means when he talks about “building a tribe.”

A. Irvin

*meant to say: IT can make a huge difference in a person’s motivation . . .


Wow! All at once like a band-aid, huh? That’s certainly one way to do it. I like that a lot actually. I also have an interest in writing books, and so I’m reading books, haha. It does certainly help to have support from others and a “tribe.”

You’re a talented, smart writer and I think you’ll do well in blogging as well as writing books. Like Chris (below in the comments) says, watch out or you’ll get bloggeritus. I’ve got it already.

Based on my experience so far, I have to say that bloggers are the best people. I’m so glad I started blogging. I love interacting with great people like everyone who has commented on this post!

Martyn Chamberlin

Dude you’re living a cool story. I’m going to have to start paying closer attention here. 🙂

You’re clearly working your tail off. You’ve clearly learned a ton in the last few months. And if you continue working hard, you’ll clearly succeed.

Good luck with this.



That is clearly the clearest message you could have sent, Martyn. 🙂 I think you’re living a great story yourself! I’m amazed at younger bloggers like you who are so savvy with not only technology, but writing and marketing. I look forward to seeing what you’ve created for Problogger tomorrow.

Denys Yeo

I think you are right: some people like 9 – 5, and some people don’t. It is important to discover which “group” you belong to and work to be successful within that cohort. After all, someone has to write the blogs, and someone has to produce the computers we use to read and write them!


This is some good writing. I think many people define success as having 2000 friends on Facebook getting 15000 page views and making money from adsense. I left my job to escape such a crowd for whom success means a promotion in their jobs. In the blogosphere too I am meeting such a crowd once again who live by the number.
Not to say that I don’t want to make money but that it is not my whole and sole motto. I want to enjoy the work too. If I am obsessed with analytics and adsense probably I am changing direction.
Success to me means having fun while we are earning . And if we don’t earn money at the start we are earning a lot of reputation.


I think I could be happy with the right 9-5 job, but overall I fit in better in the other group. It comes down to whether or not you like having your work very structured by an external authority. The 9-5 also makes it easier to separate work from personal life, but doing your own thing comes with freedom!


Thanks very much Ashvini.

Great thoughts. I agree with what you’ve said. The numbers are important and do say something, but for me it’s really about the people I meet and the lives I affect. Blogging and business come so much easier when you’re passionate about them. When you only look at the money, it’s just another job.

Hugo Martins

I came to your blog trough ProBlogger and I was amazed, really. Could you speak my mind better? I’ve been lurking your blog and I’ve read almost all posts but this one I had to comment.

I consider myself to be in the same position as you (kind of). I’m 17 years old, I’m still in school, I really don’t make much money, I’m single and still live with my mother (what a shame :P).

I don’t believe I’m particular excellent at any given thing and I consider myself to be an average student. Still I consider myself to be a successful kid. While I study, I work part-time and study music theory. In my spare time I play guitar, I study design/coding of web sites and applications, I write a bit too, have a little music blog and I’m trying to create a small business with my father.

I consider myself a successful little kid for two reasons: I have the mindset that I’m going to succeed and I work hard for the things I want. Even if sometimes they are boring (which almost never happens) or even if my friends don’t understand why I worry or have interest for those things.

I still don’t have results of my success but as you say, it isn’t all about the numbers. I have some minor milestones that I’ve seen completed and I feel great about it. Thanks for the post and for your blog.

PS: Sorry for the long comment and for any grammar or sintax mistakes (my native language is not English).


Hey Hugo,

I appreciate that you left a comment. You English is very good overall, really. It looks above average to me so no need to apologize. “Syntax” is spelled with a ‘y’ though, FYI. 🙂

You do sound very successful to me. If you keep up this mindset and work hard at your passions, you’ll do very well. Do you have a link to your music blog?

LOL at living with your mother…did you know that today, 1/3 college students move back in with their parents after they graduate? I’m 25 and I’m moving back with my parents in a couple of weeks. I’m not ashamed and I know I’ll be out of there shortly when my “success catches up with me.” 😛

Let me tell you, starting a business at your age is way ahead of the game. Even if it fails, you will learn so much from it that you’ll be in great shape to try again better prepared. I’m sure your father has some business experience and he can be a big help too. I wish you the best in all your endeavors Hugo!

Hugo Martins

The link to my small blog is http://www.onedayradio.tumblr.com

I completely understand you moving back with your parents. It is like taking 1 step back to take 5 steps foward, completely understandable. So, good luck with the “moving in with your parents thing”.

Thanks for the correction. HA. 😀

Armand Polanski

Sad to say Filipinos’ haven’t seen the power of the internet because most of us(Filipinos) are stuck in the industrial age thinking of businesses.

Thank You! I thought hard about the name, now I am working on being more consistent on creating post.


It doesn’t look like you are stuck in the industrial age. The internet is still relatively new to everyone. It only has 28.7% population penetration worldwide!

Jovie Onyema

wow. taking a chance. sometimes its quite scary. I took a leap and started a youth magazine. I started the website and made the first edition of the magazine. now we’re ready to do the next edition. so far, its been about learning new things, in leadership, in finance etc.

its been great so far.


I love to hear that Jovie. It is affirming and inspiring to see others take a chance on themselves and succeed. Enjoy the ride.

Archan Mehta


Thank you.

Unfortunately, people (in general), that is, society tends to view the notion of “success” in material terms. After all, we live in an age of consumerism and materialism and we are things-oriented.

However, there is an alternative model of “success,” where the individual gets to decide what is success for him/her. That is to say, the individual decides what is “success” on his/her own terms.
Thus, success is individual and subjective: what is success for me can be failure for you. And that is great, because everybody does not have to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist or MBA.

I like your out-of-the-box thinking. You have demonstrated the originality of your ideas through your work. I have had the pleasure of reading your blog posts, guest posts and the comments that you leave on the blogs owned by other people. I think that is just great about you.

You are a risk taker and have decided to live life on your own terms and conditions. That demands a leap of faith and self-confidence. I do not think you are a loser because you are between jobs and have to move in with your parents. I don’t think people like you would be happy working for somebody else anyway. I cannot imagine that such people would be able to tolerate a boss breathing down their neck and difficult co-workers and irate customers or clients. Good for you.

I wish you much success and happiness and hope you find what you are looking for on your creative sojourns. Have a nice day. Cheers to your life too.


Hey Archan,

You said that success for some is failure for others. It makes me think of a homeless man I met once – a complete failure according to the world. You know what though? He said he preferred to be homeless. He was happier that way!

Yes, I like to say that I live outside of the box. As a person that values deep thinking, living outside of the box comes naturally because you think about things that nobody else does. For me, it has resulted in a higher state of awareness and better decision-making. This is something that I want my readers to experience.

I am grateful for your words, Archan. You have such a positive and kind spirit about you that is refreshing. Cheers to you.

Archan Mehta

By the way, thanks for the wonderful photo: shows you with a toothbrush. You look like Clint Eastwood, but others may just mistake you for a serial killer. The toothbrush looks like a gun–a dead giveaway: I can’t even spell. Anyway, I like your sense of humour–quite refreshing too.
In the future, try to write posts in a lighter vein: tickle our funny bones, please. Hooray!


The toothbrush looks like a gun?! Wow, I’m not sure I trust the orthodontist anymore. I will take your suggestion to heart, Archan. I’ve been thinking about the tone of my posts. If I’m not thinking about it, I’ll usually write pretty boring text, haha. 🙂

Scrollwork: Quirkyisms from a Tropical Transplant

“…when my success catches up with me.”

That’s a tagline for the success mindset if ever I saw one. I’m adopting it for my reinvention phase in midlife, if you don’t mind.

BTW, I Googled the line just to be sure I won’t be attributing it to you incorrectly (since you had quote marks around it, I thought you were quoting someone else). The only result Google returned was this post!

Your humor is so enjoyable and your writing style makes you come across as so approachable. I cannot seem to separate my humor from my sarcasm, and when you add brutal frankness to the mix it can be hard to take me. So on the days when nobody likes me I’ll come lurk and feel “technically loved” without feeling uncomfortable, as you said in your About page (unless you revise it someday, at which point this will fall flat.)


Hey Scrollwork! Welcome! I believe you’re new here. Feel free to adopt that phrase. 🙂

Yes, the quotes were not to denote someone else speaking. When I do quote others, I give an attribution. Those quotes were to indicate that it was a theoretical phrase.

It is my goal in life to be approachable, so thank you very much! We’re pretty similar because I enjoy sarcasm and frankness too. 🙂 All I ask for here is that you take your digital shoes off before you come in.

Scrollwork: Quirkyisms from a Tropical Transplant

As I pad around in bare (pedicured) feet when I’m online, you won’t find my shoeprints all over your blog.

Thank you for the warm welcome, Wise Guise.

Oh, may I say Hello to one of your guests while I’m here? Hiya, Armand, from a fellow Filipino.


Wise Guise…I like it. 😀

Wayne Lambert

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for crafting together an article where you’re talking from your passion. It really shows through in your writing.

You absolutely should stay away from Nay-sayers as they are effectively negatively conditioning your mind for failure.

Jim Rohn says “stand guard at the door of your mind.” He means it is your responsibility not to let anyone poison it.

Blogging success and traffic generation takes a lot of persistent effort. Focus needs to be applied to writing stunning actionable content and creating growing communication channels that you control.

Content + Traffic is the formula for blogging success.

I’m impressed by the way you’ve build a community of people willing to comment on your material with a relatively low amount of visitors.


The Profit Share

P.S. Consider the benefits of getting CommentLuv 2.9 for your blog. With a community like you’ve got, leverage that by introducing this plugin.

You may also wish to consider a list building plugin where your users can subscribe to your list easily just by commenting.


Thank you Wayne! I’m very happy with the community of thinkers here. The comments are always very thoughtful and I learn from them. I agree with your formula for blogging success (and that it takes persistent effort!).

I will consider those suggestions – I appreciate your advice.

Raymond van Velzen

Thanks for another great post.

It’s very nice to see how you “made it” outside of the usual 9 to 5 treadmill. Good “job” ;-).

When I started my (second) blog 3 months ago, I was just thinking about creating something that could create some extra income. It’s a very interesting idea that you could actually make a job and a full income out of it. I have to support a family of three so I’m not free to just gamble on it, but thanks to you and others, I’m a little more determined everyday to see how close I can get to that.

It’s great to have someone confirm that there’s still plenty of opportunity on the web today. Thanks!

Stephen Guise

Hi Raymond,

Nice to see you commenting here and there. 😀

hahaha, yeah I’ve “made it” alright. 🙂

I find it extremely interesting that you could make a full-time income out of blogging. I also find in unbelievably appealing! Ah yes…it is certainly more challenging when you have a lot of responsibilities to start with. Just chip away at it part time like others have done successfully.

There is definitely opportunity out there. I’ve had a lot of website ideas that I just don’t have the time and resources to see through. I hope you can make decent money with your blog!


I love the intro on this post – really got my attention. First, My hairline is also moving backwards and I think its driving on a one-way street, so I probably never see it again. well, just wanted to say, great post.

Stephen Guise

Common bloggers! You guys are everywhere.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely want to have attention-grabbing intros. I laughed audibly when I read about the one-way street your hair is on. Mine is on it too, but I’m trying to throw boxes and/or people in front of it to slow it down.

Raymond van Velzen

Hmmm. I’m also trying to cover up with seems to be an increasing forehead.

Please somebody, write up something that shows how balding correlates with blogging success 😉

Stephen Guise

Hahaha, Darren Rowse (problogger) and Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) are bald! They are living proof that baldness correlates with blogging success.

*shaves head*

Slavko@ Lifestyle Updated

I feel very closely connected with what you write here. And I too agree that the success mindset comes way before you hit success. Success is a state of mind; seeing yourself with different eyes, if you will, and nothing more. The mistake many people make is accepting the perception of others in shaping their reality. And society is very keen to labeling people as losers, not recognizing and admitting their true quality just to be self-satisfied in their eyes.

People also try to mock and ridicule an effort when they recognize that you enjoy doing that. I also started blogging some time ago (3 months actually), and seen this over and over again. People recognize your passion, determination, commitment, and try to talk you out of it.
I’ve heard many of the people I know trying to suggest that blogging is a waste of time. I guess it bothers some to see you enjoying what you do, and bragging about how 40 hours a week are not enough for you to enjoy your passion.

It also bothers people when they see you feeling successful with what you already have going for yourself.

Great post my friend 🙂

Stephen Guise

“The mistake many people make is accepting the perception of others in shaping their reality.”

I love this. I write about perception quite a bit. It has a huge impact on our lives and it can work for or against us.

That’s very insightful. I’ve noticed that some too – that people don’t always want you to succeed at something uncommon. I believe the reason why is because it would upset their view of reality.

“If this guy over here is making a living blogging, it might mean that I don’t have to work at this job I hate, but I’m too scared to change either way.” So it puts pressure on them, even though they might never take action. They feel more comfortable to know they’ve chosen the only viable path. Of course that isn’t true – it’s a coping mechanism.

Thanks for another excellent comment!

Rohit Soni

I am currently successful, even though it might not be evident to others. The reason I am successful already is because I have the success mindset.
I have found that believing in myself and taking a chance is a great idea.

Rohit Soni 919608808210

I am currently successful,
even though it might not be evident to others.
The reason I am successful already is because I have the success mindset.
I have found that believing in myself and taking a chance is a great idea.

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