How To Move Mountains

rocksHow would one truly move a mountain?

Is it done with one Atlus-like feat of strength, as the common saying suggests?

Or is it done by moving small portions of rock, dirt, and foliage to one spot consistently over time, growing the mound every day?

Human strength is not carrying 1,000 pounds once, but in our ability to carry 10 pounds 100 times. Don’t go for the gold, go for forward progress every day to maximize your potential. Make progress your primary habit in life, and success in your pursuits will come naturally.

No dream is too big when its small components are clearly seen and achievable. Dissect your dream and identify your first small foundational pieces. Move them into position, and continue to come back to your foundation, building it up day by day. Soon you’ll have a small hill. Then, you’ll have a big hill.

And perhaps one day, you will have moved a mountain.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

― Confucius

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