How To Move Mountains

rocksHow would one truly move a mountain?

Is it done with one Atlus-like feat of strength, as the common saying suggests?

Or is it done by moving small portions of rock, dirt, and foliage to one spot consistently over time, growing the mound every day?

Human strength is not carrying 1,000 pounds once, but in our ability to carry 10 pounds 100 times. Don’t go for the gold, go for forward progress every day to maximize your potential. Make progress your primary habit in life, and success in your pursuits will come naturally.

No dream is too big when its small components are clearly seen and achievable. Dissect your dream and identify your first small foundational pieces. Move them into position, and continue to come back to your foundation, building it up day by day. Soon you’ll have a small hill. Then, you’ll have a big hill.

And perhaps one day, you will have moved a mountain.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

― Confucius

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I'm lazy, but you can call me Stephen. When you're as lazy as I am, you need superior strategies to live well. My strategies are so effective that I'm productive every single day. As the world tries to figure out how to always stay motivated, I create strategies that don't require it.


Good point. I’m sure you cleared it up for those who thought it could only be done in one fell swoop.


Stephen Guise

I like to remind myself too. Every time I think big I do less.


“No dream is too big when its small components are clearly seen and achievable. ” Absolutely wonderful!

These days I am working on de-cluttering my home. It is indeed a deeply satisfying process. My focus has been on going about it in a manner of effortless ease. The store rooms have a Lot of unknown, unwanted stuff and these two rooms are going to be last I clean up.
The plan, I devised yesterday, is to pick out one thing from the store room everyday and give it a better home!
Now I look forward to going home and beginning with the treasure hunt 🙂
The one push-up challenge is an inspiration. Thankyou!

Stephen Guise

How excellent your plan is! I know you’ll have success with it. Enjoy the process. 🙂


Every little thing you do, say or think sends out a message to the Universe. If you’re on the right path, each stone you move/ task you complete will be done with grace and gratitude as you can see its part in the whole.


Stephen Guise

Well said!

Jonathan Wilson

So true. The trick is to focus on and keep the effort up over time. I think it’s easy for us to start any endeavor with lots of effort only to see it start to fade over time as our interests change, or the results differ from what we expect.

Stephen Guise

Exactly. Small steps are so important because they’re sustainable over the long term. You might be able to move a giant boulder, but then you’ll need to rest. The small steps are also better for habit-building, which is the foundation of life.

Lisa Paule

Absolutely true! The trick is consistent effort and action!

Stephen Guise

It sure is. 🙂 Thanks Lisa.

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