Give Discouragement Its Own Medicine

You’re discouraged, and it’s bad this time.

You slouch against a brick wall as discouraging thoughts bombard your mind, telling you that you can’t move forward.

“That didn’t go as planned. Nothing ever does. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

You sigh and put your head into your hands. Then you get an idea.

I have to get this monster out of my head.

You stand up. Then you visualize your discouragement as a man – your worst enemy – standing before you. There is an aura of smugness about him. He looks at you, points, and laughs, mentioning your latest failure. Without hesitation, you grab him by the collar and say to him through gritted teeth:

“Discouragement, you’ve had a good run. Really, congrats.”

You slam his back against the wall, and he appears to be a little bit shaken by it.

“But,” you say, pausing with the suaveness of 007, “There is a great threat upon you now. It’s my perseverance. Things will be looking good for you one moment – I’ll be knocked down on the ground, you’ll buy champagne and cigars. But as you’re about to light the cigar, in the corner of your eye you’ll notice a figure standing up, looking at you. That’s me, coming to ruin the party.”

Discouragement swallows uncomfortably as you continue…

“And when I’m knocked down again? I’ll get back up stronger and smarter. Death is the only one who can stop me, and we both know that. As long as I keep getting up, you’re powerless. You’re nothing more than a lie that tells me I can’t do what I know I can do, and that ends today. It’s time for me to move forward.”

At this, Discouragement begins to tremble. He sees no fear in your eyes, only strength and resolve. He tries to tell you about a recent failure of yours, but you interrupt him with another forceful slam against the wall. You voice your final thoughts…

“Why do I tell you all of this? Well, I’m concerned for you. As I continue to move forward, and as you further understand that your feeble attempts to bring me down are like twigs in front of a bus, it’s going to be really rough. Just try not to get too discouraged about it, k?”

Your last words devastate him.

You shove him into the wall one last time and back up. Discouragement’s face drains of color as he slowly slides down the wall, until he is sitting in the same defeated position that you once held.

You’re standing up tall now, and your hands are still in fists, where his collar once was. You look around, and when you turn back towards the wall, Discouragement is gone. Vanished.

Your thoughts are focused, motivation returns, and you raise a single fist to the sky.

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