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The Imperfect Travel Experiment (Liveblog)


“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

WEDNESDAY, Nov 5th 8 PM (EST) 

Have you ever thought, “what if I just packed my bags right now and went somewhere?” I’ve had that thought quite often, and this time, I’m pulling the trigger and I’m (digitally) bringing you along with me! 

I’m going to Portland tomorrow and staying for one week.

…but I shouldn’t. Interestingly, this trip has a high chance of failure. Here’s why I might be making a mistake… [Continue Reading…]

My First Cable Car Ride In San Francisco

cable car

When I saw this view, my smile was unleashed. Photo by laverrue.

I latched onto the side of a cable car just as it was leaving, taking an open stand-up spot, not knowing where I was going to end up, and not caring. It was early evening, the city was alive, and for the first time since arriving from the airport about three hours prior, I thought, “This is San Francisco.”

The operator didn’t warn me about how dangerous it was to be on the very edge of a moving cable car – and I loved that. I was free to be my own judge of safety for once in a world of over-caution. No disclaimers, no overdrawn discussions on the proper way to grab the handle and place my feet. Just get on and enjoy the ride. Refreshing.

It felt like an amusement park ride, only it was real life, if that makes sense. It was fun, but I was actually traveling within the city.

Speaking of danger, we were going full speed toward [Continue Reading…]