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Thailand Trip 2016

I’ve been wanting to visit Thailand for a long time. Why? 

  1. Cheap massages (!)
  2. Cheap thai food (my favorite type of food)
  3. Amazing beaches
  4. A new culture to experience!
  5. Newer reason: I moved to Seattle, and am required by law to take “sunlight vacations”

I’ve been here about a week so far, and Thailand does not disappoint. [Continue Reading…]

Japan Trip Liveblog 2016 (Part 3)

Day 5: Rest Day

I’m not one of those travelers who has to see and do everything every day. I’m perfectly content to take a day to rest and relax, because I travel to enjoy it, not to check off items on a bucket list. That’s what I did on day five, except for one scrumptious exception. [Continue Reading…]

My Epic Trip To The Big Island, Hawaii (Liveblog)


Feb 3, 10:47 PM (Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (UTC-10:00))

I think life is too short not to be spontaneous, so I jumped on two planes to get my body to The Big Island, Hawaii. I have no plans other than to:

  1. Sleep in hostel
  2. See volcano
  3. Beach myself
  4. Write 

Other than that, it’s all up in the air. It’s funny to me how some people script out their entire trip like a play, only because I’m completely opposite in my approach. If you think about it, traveling to a new place is already going to be well, new and different, so why not make your time there the same? I do have a rental Volkswagon, so I’ll be looking for places to go. 

My First Error 

Travel rarely goes perfectly. In the haze of my initial excitement when I booked my flight, I thought that I was flying into Hilo. That’s where I booked a weeklong stay at a hostel.

Oops. [Continue Reading…]