The Surprising Way to Enjoy Work

Confession: I don’t always enjoy working. It makes me procrastinate sometimes.

I have, however, figured out how to work whenever I want, and the solution isn’t what I thought it would be. It’s all about my expectations.

Last year, I went to a concert of my favorite band, CAKE, and being a fan for years, my expectations were extremely high for the concert. [Continue Reading…]

Drop Your New Year’s Resolution and Change Your Environment Instead

At the end of the year, most people reflect on what they’ve done. Most humans won’t even get 100 years to live, so it makes sense to think about each one that we live.

I believe it’s healthy to continually want to get better at life. You can do that and still be content. But those who panic about their lives (and want to transform overnight) will most likely set a New Year’s Resolution. Those have a failure rate of about 92%, so let’s explore a superior alternative. [Continue Reading…]

The Danger of Setting Specific Goals

We’re told to make our goals specific, but is that smart?

First, let’s cover the positive aspect of being specific. The more specific your plan, the more intentional you are about doing it. Which one off these sounds more intentional to you?

  • Let’s go bowling sometime
  • Let’s go bowling at Valley Lanes at 3:30 PM this Tuesday

Specificity is a double-edged sword, though. In terms of our goals and ideas, the subconscious brain thinks, “What about everything else I want to do?” [Continue Reading…]

Play to Win

dreamsguiseBronnie Ware worked as a nurse for seriously ill people for many years, often being with them just before they died. In her conversations over the years, she noted that people in her care told her they had the same types of regrets. She wrote a blog post about it called “Regrets of the Dying.”1

The most common regret of the dying: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Translated: “I wish I had played to win, rather than not to lose.”

When you live the life expected of you, it means you fear losing. You don’t want to lose respect, your reputation, or your image. When you try not to lose, you minimize your risk and reward. [Continue Reading…]

Don’t Try Harder, Try Smarter

This article is another “deleted scene” from Mini Habits for Weight Loss.


Available 11/27/16. Pre-order here.

If there was anyone “born lazy,” it was me. Growing up, I was content to play video games all day. When it came to school work or chores, I wasn’t interested. I’ve never had the type of work ethic or inexhaustible motivation that some people seemed to have. Heck, I’d have been happy to have an average work ethic growing up. To compensate for this, and the bad habits I developed as a child, I’ve needed superior strategies in adulthood.

Bad habits prevented me from working harder, so I had to work smarter first.

The Mini Habits strategy changed my life permanently. [Continue Reading…]