You’re More Powerful Than You Think

“If you want to be tougher mentally, it is simple: Be tougher. Don’t meditate on it.” These words of Jocko’s helped one listener— a drug addict— get sober after many failed attempts. The simple logic struck a chord: “Being tougher” was, more than anything, a decision to be tougher. It’s possible to immediately “be tougher,” starting with your next decision.”

~ Tim Ferriss and Jocko Willink in Tools of Titans

Imagine a superhero who can fly, become invisible, and turn dirt into blueberry pancakes. Amazing powers, right? But what if this person never used their powers? What if they visibly walked on dirt instead of invisibly flying around eating pancakes?

Why would they choose to do that?

Well, we could ask ourselves the same question, because that person is you and me.Read More

Potential Is Worthless

JaMarcus Russell was one of the most highly touted college prospects that the NFL had seen in some time. Here are some of the things scouts and NFL experts said about him…

“Three years from now you could be looking at a guy who’s one of the elite, top five quarterbacks in this league. The skill level he has is certainly John Elway like.”

“From a physical skill set perspective, I’ve never seen a college quarterback with more ability than Russell.”

“He’ll be a big-time player.”

JaMarcus Russell struggled for a few years before dropping out of the league. For whatever reason, he wasn’t able to play up to his seemingly-monstrous potential. This is one example of many that shows why potential is worthless in reality.Read More

Raise Your Floor, Not Your Ceiling

I recently came across a quote that instantly became my favorite quote of all time.

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”
~ Archilochus

This quote absolutely destroys the perspective that keeps people mediocre.Read More

Why You Should Take Your Goals Less Seriously (No, Really)

A strategist considers all options, especially the counterintuitive ones.

This article is worth the 3,000 word journey.

Look at it this way: If you disagree, you’ll probably take your goals even more seriously (which you’d naturally believe to be a good thing). But if you agree, you might come away with a life-changing perspective. Either way, you win.

Logic says: “If you want to get something, then the harder you try to get it, and the more serious you take that pursuit, the more likely you are to find success.”

By default, we think that intense, serious dedication to an end goal is paramount to success. But could it actually be a detriment to success for many personality types? Uh, yeah. 

The Problem With “Important Goals”

Let’s be honest. If you skip your workout today, you’ll be fine. Read More

How to Think Clearly

Sometimes the problem isn’t that we’re not thinking through life, it’s that we’re thinking about so many things that our brains get stuck in an endless loop of unresolved ideas. We need clarity.

To clear your thinking, you need to direct the flow of your thinking. Think of your thoughts as individual streams.Read More