Don’t Use Rewards for Motivation

Child studies. The pairing of those two words sounds sinister at best, but most children studies are harmless to the kiddos and enlightening for us adultos.

I’ve said it before: kids are the purest humans on the planet. They haven’t yet been fully conditioned into robo-dults. For science, this is very valuable as it decreases a number of influence-related variables and thus, increases the odds that we’ll see something about human nature instead of societal conditioning. 

Traditional Habit Formation Is Terrible

Traditional habit formation tells us that to create a new habit, we must sandwich our desired behavior between a cue (to trigger the behavior) and a reward (to reinforce the behavior). With my Mini Habits strategy, cues are optional and I have mostly advised that people do not set up planned rewards for two reasons: [Continue Reading…]

One Thought That Can Conquer Procrastination

Robert Herjavec is a multi-millionaire businessman who is best known for his starring role on the TV show Shark Tank. 

If you don’t know already, Shark Tank has entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to five wealthy investors (the sharks). Robert is my favorite “shark” on the show.

On multiple episodes, I noticed that Robert mentioned his marriage of 20 years. The frequent mentions gave me the impression that he was overjoyed about his marriage and family. But a few years ago, Robert and his wife separated and his kids stopped talking to him.

He was devastated. [Continue Reading…]

4 Creative Ways to Live in the Present Moment

“The point of power is always in the present moment.”

~ Louise L. Hay

To put it negatively, the worst thing you can do is try to live outside of this moment.

It’s actually impossible to live outside of the present moment, but it is possible to think outside of it. That means thinking about the past or future rather than focusing on your current action. Here are four creative and specific strategies you can employ to enter the present moment quickly and experience the numerous benefits that go along with it. [Continue Reading…]

8 Energy Drains to Drop From Your Life

Everything we do requires energy. Many people blame a lack of time for their failure to reach their goals, when it’s actually that their typical day saps their energy before they get a chance to work on “dream road.” 

Human energy is clearly important, let’s take a look at some of the worst ways to spend it. If we can cut down on our energy spending in these areas, we’ll have more energy left over for the things that truly deserve it.

Where NOT to Spend Your Energy

1. Arguments 

Think about the last time you won an argument and the other person said, “You’re right, I just changed my beliefs.” Maybe it happens once per lifetime (if you’re lucky). On the whole, arguments cost a lot of emotional and mental energy. And our reward for going through this difficult process? Nothing. It’s typically a negative experience for everyone involved. Nobody wins. Nobody changes their viewpoint. Then everyone needs a nap.

“A man lives by believing something: not by debating and arguing about many things.”

~ Thomas Carlyle

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