How Good Habits Covertly Shrink Bad Habits

Five years ago, I started doing one push-up per day

That humble goal enabled me to show up consistently, even if it was in a small way. Today, five years later, I’m seeing significant new benefits emerging. First, let me show you what’s changed in these five years. 

The big takeaway from that list: Exercise is much more accessible to me now because it’s habitual.

Back in 2012, I couldn’t exercise frequently even though I wanted to, simply because I didn’t like it enough. It takes time to teach the brain that something as challenging and physically exhausting as exercise is actually good and desirable.Read More

Why It’s So Important to Seek Discomfort

Cat-ption: “Bring me whole milk, or I will sit on your favorite sweater. I hid the lint roller.” (photo by OliBac)

I was about to bring my laptop back into bed this morning. The cozy blankets and lounging potential seemed irresistible, but I decided against it and worked at my stand-up desk. Here’s why…

So many products and technologies today aim to increase our comfort. No, I’m not about to complain about indoor plumbing, washing machines, and microwaves (I’m not crazy). But I will suggest that these and other amazing innovations have confused us. When everything is geared to be more comfortable and easier, we begin to think that we need that in all areas of our lives. But comfort has a downside, or rather, discomfort has a counterintuitive upside!Read More

7 Reasons to Sell Everything You Own and Travel Long Term

I plan to let my lease expire and sell everything I own except for what fits in a suitcase and a backpack. Then I will wander around the world for the entirety of 2018.

You may have heard stories about people quitting their jobs, selling all of their stuff, and buying a one-way ticket away from home. I know I have, but why do people do it?

Traveling is popular for a reason. There’s nothing that remotely compares to seeing a brand new part of the world. Not only are you exposed to new places, but you also get to see new people, new cultures, new foods, and new toilet seats (thanks, Japan).

To leave your current life behind and jump on a plane, however, is a massive decision. But for some people, it’s the right decision. Here are some reasons to consider doing it yourself. I’m largely basing this list on my own reasons to do this for 2018. Here we go!Read More

3 Keys to Emotional Stability

Simply put, if you aren’t emotionally stable, life will be difficult.

Emotional stability is vital to a good life because without it, you are prone to emotional breakdowns, which can spiral and ruin a season (or more) of your life. Emotional stability is the boxing equivalent of being able to take a punch, stay grounded, and not panic.Read More

The One Thing All Winners Have In Common

All winners have one thing in common—they aren’t afraid to lose.

Most meaningful “wins” in life involve risk of loss. The potential loss could be financial, emotional, ego-related, or something more abstract. This might sound like familiar and obvious topic, but I think there’s a nuance here worth exploring.

Here’s that nuance: if you find yourself unsatisfied with your life and the moves you’re making (or more likely, not making), you’re probably trying to win in life by avoiding loss. This is hoping that life will reward you for no reason.Read More