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Don’t Try Harder, Try Smarter

This article is another “deleted scene” from Mini Habits for Weight Loss.


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If there was anyone “born lazy,” it was me. Growing up, I was content to play video games all day. When it came to school work or chores, I wasn’t interested. I’ve never had the type of work ethic or inexhaustible motivation that some people seemed to have. Heck, I’d have been happy to have an average work ethic growing up. To compensate for this, and the bad habits I developed as a child, I’ve needed superior strategies in adulthood.

Bad habits prevented me from working harder, so I had to work smarter first.

The Mini Habits strategy changed my life permanently. [Continue Reading…]

Why All Diets Fail


My newest book, Mini Habits for Weight Loss, will be released on November 27, 2016. This article is a “deleted scene” that didn’t make it into the book. If you can relate to this, you’ll love the book!

Can you guess the #1 issue with 99.9% of all weight loss solutions ever devised?


Neither 30-day diets or 10-day juice fasts are real solutions for weight loss. These are foreign behavioral and dietary anomalies that your mind and body will force-correct in time. They can create the illusion of change, but unless your brain’s neural pathways change through sustainable repetition, you’re going to revert to who you still are underneath.

As tempting as these quick change ideas are initially, you will despise them (as I do) after experiencing what real change feels and looks like. I saw a youtube video of a woman who had just finished a popular “10 day green smoothie cleanse” (yes, that one). [Continue Reading…]

4 Scientifically Proven Ways to Relax Your Mind


Relaxed yet? (photo by ONETERRY)

Mental relaxation is elusive. Even during physical relaxation, the mind can stress out.

Some ailments like muscle tension are often caused by a mind that can’t stop (perhaps because of anxiety). It’s best to relax the mind directly because the mind controls the body. If you are able to relax the mind, the body will follow.

Here are some ways to directly relax your mind. [Continue Reading…]

How to Win the Mental Battle and Overcome Resistance

I’m familiar with “not feeling it” when it comes to doing productive and healthy behaviors. I’m familiar with the struggle that takes place inside of the mind, when part of you wants to do what’s best for you, but another part of you feels like doing nothing or something more fun.

This internal battle causes frustration and leads us to seek answers, but then comes another frustration—there are so many answers! Some say the key is time management, some say it’s motivation, I tend to say it’s setting small targets you can meet. So this first problem actually creates a second problem (or challenge) of:

  1. Knowing the single best strategy to apply to your situation
  2. Figuring out exactly how to integrate it into your life
  3. Ignoring all other suggestions

Success is simplifying your thinking into a single objective, but it’s not easy. If you try to absorb and apply multiple pieces of advice you read, your splintered mind won’t know what to do.  [Continue Reading…]

Be Happier With A Positivity Bias


Caption: Cats are the key to happiness, but if you’re allergic or something, try developing a positivity bias.1

Negative events are almost universally more interesting to us than positive ones.

The other day I saw a murder case TV special about a psychopath killing a nice woman. Ugh. After it was over, I felt angry and sad and wondered, “Why did I just watch that? What benefit did that provide me?” And then I wondered why murder-centric stories—fiction and nonfiction—were so popular on TV.

Why do I never see any TV specials about a happy family that has had dinner together for 20 years?

We think a happy and conflict-free scenario is too boring to watch, but something as terrible as murder is fascinating. Why? WHY?! [Continue Reading…]