9 Things You Should Not Do Today

Actually, skateboarding and rollerskating are permitted in this list.

Today, 100% Absolutely Positively Do Not…

1. Complain. 

It doesn’t accomplish much and it’s annoying to everyone else. It’s one of the more counterproductive habits that humans develop. Not doing it will do wonders for your social life and your well-being.


2. Focus On Negatives.

This post focuses on negatives, ironically, but it’s generally a bad idea. Given that our lives are full of blessings and curses at all times, it makes sense to focus on the blessings for greater happiness and satisfaction with life. You’re always going to have problems, which is comforting in a sick way.


3. Think About The Past.

Thinking about the past is unproductive. Even dwelling on old memories is a poor substitute for creating new ones. The past is all we know, so it’s hard to avoid, but the present moment is all we have, and that’s a profound truth.


4. Overeat

Have you ever put in too many pieces of paper in a shredder, watching it struggle and groan to process the load? That’s what it’s like for your digestive system when you overeat. It can cause acid reflux. It can add pounds where you don’t want them. By not eating optimal portions, you’ll have less energy. Don’t eat too much today – that full feeling is there for a reason. 😉


5.  Be Too Serious

There was a time recently when I realized I had not laughed in a while. When you focus on your problems or all the stuff you have to do, enjoying the ride can become a lost art. But what a huge mistake it is! Laughter is great medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Life is full of serious, sometimes tragic, events and situations. Laughter is humanity’s brilliant coping mechanism, and it’s extremely effective. Make it a point to laugh today.


6. Waste Time

Wasting time is not necessarily the same as “doing nothing.” More accurately, to waste time means that you’re not consciously deciding to do something. If you decide to watch TV for an hour to relax, it isn’t a waste of time. But if you watch TV for an hour because you haven’t decided to do anything, you are wasting time. Make sure that whatever you do today, you have a reason for doing it.


7. Keep To Yourself

Some people need alone time, but ALL people need “others time.” Put a person in isolation for 40 years and I guarantee you, they’ll lose their mind. It isn’t healthy to be separated from fellow humans long term. Take the social route today and enjoy people.  🙂


8. Receive More Than You Give

If being happy is important to you, then giving is automatically important to you. Giving is the secret to happiness! In the linked studies, people were given a $5 or $20 bill and told how to spend it. Unequivocally, those who spent the money on others were happier at the end of the day. I believe it has a lot to do with contribution. It is fulfilling to feel useful to the world. When you give to others, you’re having a direct, positive impact on the world, and that’s something to be happy about.


9. Expect The Ordinary

Expectations are the glass we use. Low expectations are like using a shot glass – even at overflowing, you can only see having so much water. It’s an artificial cap on your potential. And when you expect greatness, it’s like having a giant 44 oz. 7-11 cup. You may fall short, but you’re choosing to believe that today is full of potential. It’s only when you believe something is possible that it becomes possible. Expect great things today, act accordingly, and you just might meet those expectations!


TRIPLE BONUS: Don’t watch TV or use Facebook today. Those things are life replacement tools.

Have a great day, obviously. 🙂

About the Author

I'm lazy, but you can call me Stephen. When you're as lazy as I am, you need superior strategies to live well. My strategies are so effective that I'm productive every single day. As the world tries to figure out how to always stay motivated, I create strategies that don't require it.

Slavko Desik

Your point about wasting time is something I come across for the first time. I’ve already wrote about living with intention, but labeling everything else like a waste of time never occurred to me. Though it makes sense. And when a thing as watching TV can shift from being counterproductive, to something time fulfilling, then the variables are infinite. Great idea.

Stephen Guise

My idea about what constitutes wasting time isn’t mainstream, but it does make sense to me. It isn’t perfect either, because someone could choose to watch TV all day, and then one might say that they are still wasting time despite choosing. My view is that nobody would willingly and actively choose to do something like that – it seems to happen as a result of not thinking about life or giving up from what I’ve seen and experienced.

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